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To everyone who has completed and passed the course, and remember, this is a Higher Education course, and essays you have written are Higher Education standard essays. For practical arts students this can be a difficult achievement, so well done! 

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once marked e-version of your essay is returned, please do the following:

read marked version and compare with your original – there may be format, grammar spelling and punctuation changes that you can learn from

make sure you have complete bibliography, list of illustrations and illustrations printed and ordered.

go to your moodle and submit/upload your essay to Unit 3 turn it in for plaigarism checking

buy a binder for 30p from reprographics next to the butchers

show me your hard copy for approval prior to binding

read, sign and hand me your final report form

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Students to email essays without illustrations  to by Tuesday 4th March at 10am. Students to bring in illustrations/list of illustrations/bibliography on Thursday 6th March at 10am

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students pass with flying colours!

Essays are starting to come in thick and fast, so please, if you haven’t sent me yours, do so as soon as possible. The sooner I can see it, the sooner I can help you pass with flying colours!

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front page/list of illustrations

1) Copy and paste the following to the front page for your essay, and add your details


LEVEL FOUR   2013/14

Code: D/601/6378, QCF level: 4, Credit value: 15

Unit No. & title: Unit 3: Contextual and Cultural Referencing in Art and Design


Illustrated written communication

Your name

Essay title


2) Make a list of illustrations for your essay

It should be numbered. Next to each number, on a separate line, should be name, title, date, eg

1. Henry Moore Four Piece Composition 1929

2. Natalie Lambert Drawing based on Four Piece Composition #1 2013

3. Natalie Lambert Drawing based on Four Piece Composition #2 2013

4. Natalie Lambert Sculpture based on Four Piece Composition and Gianbologna’s Samson Slaying a Philistine 2014

As well as photographs of work by your chosen artists/designers, include photographs/ photocopies of your own work. Please keep all originals together in a separate folder, together with any 3D work. The examiner may want to see this too!

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final project

Once essays have been succesfully submitted both online and in hard copy, students should revisit the 3D Thing project, but now in the light of a fuller understanding of their chosen artists/designers. Make a new 3D Thing. How does your fuller understanding affect/change the way you work? As with before, make sketches and write notes – these can be added to your essay at the end of the course – they will not change your grade, but they will support it, make it more substantial. Work in room 043, but always come to room 054  first to register.

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